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IGO Rules

The timer starts at 24h and will count down to zero.

Each ticket extends the timer by 30 seconds.

  • Gold tickets are purchased with BUSD and will mint 100K SMY tokens.
  • Silver tickets are purchased with SMY tokens.

The game ends when the timer reaches zero or when 2,000,000,000 SMY tokens have been minted.

The winners are the last 100 people to buy a ticket.

  • The last person to buy wins 1st place and 30% of the prize pot.
  • 2nd - 100th wins 70% between them.

Every 10th gold ticket purchase wins the contents of the golden prize pot.

    Top 100


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Ticket prizes

Collect gold and silver tickets and exchange them for some fantastic prizes!

Bronze Level

SafeMoonYield T-shirt and Cap

Silver 40
Gold 20
Silver Level

SafeMoonYield T-shirt, Cap and Hoodie

Silver 75
Gold 50
Gold Level

Latest iPhone

Silver 375
Gold 250
Diamond Level

Latest iPhone and MacBook Air

Silver 750
Gold 500
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Please switch to Binance Smart Chain Testnet

Moontimer TGO

Please follow these steps for playing:

Request BNB from faucet

Request Test tokens from Airdrop

Add TEST BUSD on Metamask

Add TEST SMY on Metamask

You can now play the TGO

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The Game is finished! Thanks for playing

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